Here’s M(y)-wallet!

Vikram Raichura_VivaConnect
Mr. Vikram Raichura (Managing Director)


Mobile phones have greatly extended the reach and capabilities of every common man in myriad ways, be it personal, professional or social. Getting any sort of information or help is just a few screen taps away and its getting better by the day.

Now , the next big thing entering our lives would be m-wallet or mobile money. The system is touted to bring a revolution through cash-less transactions, with a concept allowing us to make payments without even taking out our wallet or cards. Now that’s so amazing isn’t it. Its quite simple, prior to proceeding with the system, consumers need to upload their credit card and debit card details to a digital account which is then directly linked with your Smartphone through providers corresponding mobile wallet.

Once its done you are set to flash your phone over a stores NFC console and make the payment. Google wallet & PayPal’s In-store checkout are among the favorite.

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