Link between Brands, Missed Calls & Creative Campaigns

blog image_VivaConnect

Right mobile marketing move can elevate a brand just the way ‘Daag acche hain’ campaign did for Surf excel, positioning it a class apart from crowd of washing powders. They distinguished themselves smartly. When all were talking about clean clothes, they said stains are great and let kids enjoy their childhood!  (Kudos to those amazing copywriters & creative agency).

Brands can take such innovative campaigns over mobile. Say with a toll-free number where mothers or for that sake even the fathers can call and let the brand know how they let their young one’s enjoy.

People love talking about their kids and how amazing they are. Brands can surely expect a thunderstorm of calls and garner massive engagement through such campaigns.

The bottom line is, People love brands who listen to them eagerly and listening happens great over Mobile!

States Vikram Raichura (Managing Director), as he talks to about the importance of Mobile Marketing for Brands and how they can extend their innovative concepts over Mobile.

Checkout the full article here.

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