The Indian Express covers #iChooseMyIndia Initiative

Indian Express - 21st march_VivaConnect02

A mobile marketing company from Mumbai has come up with an innovative idea to predict the upcoming elections. VivaConnect, under the ‘#iChooseMyIndia’ initiative, will allow people to register their opinion by giving a missed call in favour of the political party they think can bring a difference. The website,, will also flash live results of the poll.

It limits each mobile number to cast just a single vote for a particular political party. With this, the initiative has introduced a new way of conducting polls that are capable of national level engagement with absolute convenience.

Participation is open to every Indian and is independent of the handset one uses. To give a missed call in favour of Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) one can dial 1800 103 5516, for Indian National Congress(INC) dial 1800 103 5517, for Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) dial 1800 103 5518, for others dial 1800 103 5523 and for NOTA dial 1800 103 5524. The missed calls received by individual party will be displayed on a website along with the total votes received in the poll.

“Our initiative intends to showcase public opinion with Live results and encourage everyone to vote as every single vote collectively makes a huge difference”, said Vikram Raichura, who leads the initiative.

The poll will accept votes till 6th April, 2014 and will continue to showcase the results even after it closes. This initiative does not intend to promote any political party but is solely meant for sharing public opinion.


Watblog interviews Vikram Raichura over Mobile Marketing in India

A recent TRAI report revealed that India has 886 million mobile subscribers in the country, transforming India into highly potential market for advertisers and marketers. Now they are realizing the potential of this growing medium and are adapting their communication strategy accordingly. A joint study by Yahoo and Mindshare revealed that 67% prefer mobile advertisements that allow ‘Creative Expression’.


Watblog spoke to Vikram Raichura about VivaConnect and overall Mobile Marketing surge in India over an e-mail interview.

Excerpts from the interview.

Trends in 2014
Instant Gratification service granting free Mobile recharge will be a hot pick in 2014. A super hit service for India’s cost considerate mobile user base.

Augmented Reality (AR) will catch up, as India’s smartphone user base rises to 270+ millions.

Mobile Marketing in India
The medium has evangelized services of calls and sms to deliver myriad solutions of Voting, Sampling, Authentication, Gratification, Promotion, Registration, Feedback, etc.

Speculated to be a billion dollar market in next 2 years in terms of revenue from Voice OBD, Mobile internet, Ad banners, Missed calls, Mobile apps and SMS collectively.

Challenges in Mobile Marketing
Compliance to frequent changing TRAI’s regulation gets quite difficult as multiple services are active at any given point of time.

Customization of services owing to huge and diverse user base in India as its really important for a service to connect with its right Target Group and have higher engagement.


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