Economic Times covers VivaConnect’s Mobile Route to Success

When Vikram Raichura graduated from college, he didn’t want his name added to his father’s saree business. With a mere Rs10,000 and confidence in his marketing prowess, he started a business in small-scale marketing and electronic directory publishing, VivaConnect


Now, after successful campaigns for numerous FMCG brands and a large pre-election campaign for a Political Party, Raichura wants to morph into an incubator for business ideas emerging out of his line of work. As a result, he is spinning off ownership of DONE & Brandtastic.

DONE, a restaurant aggregator entity designed to perform over Mobile Apps, Web & Call is an idea of Himanshu Khona, Director Mobility at VivaConnect.

Brandtastic, a total mobility solutions entity for consumer brands to connect them with their target group over Voice Call, Missed Call, Mobile Apps, SMS and e-mails.

With both products ready to be unveiled soon, Raichura opens up mobility solutions that goes great even for the budding start-up entrepreneur’s.

Check out the article online at Economic Times.


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