5 C’s of Mobile Marketing

Mobile integration has become absolutely inevitable for every consumer brand that is keen to interact with its customers and its no longer limited to a phone call since the medium has flourished with round the clock services through IVR Calls, Missed calls, Mobile apps and SMS.

“I absolutely adore the lucidity & adaptability of the medium that paves way for innovative ideas for establishing a connect,” says Vikram Raichura (Managing Director, VivaConnect) to Silicon India summing it up as 5 C’s of Mobile Marketing for Brands.

Principle of zero cost expenditure from end user maximizes engagement.

A clear context of location, taste, interest, time and lifestyle brings optimal results.

Call to Action
A two-way communication grants prompt call to action.

Gateway to galaxy of creativity and innovation for brands to plunge in.

Most convenient means of communicate & interaction.

A mobile marketing campaign that brings 5 C’s in fine alignment can assuredly hit its target group right in the spot and create the connect.

Click over below logo to read an elaboration of rough sketch jotted above

silicon india logo

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