Bharatesh Salian joins VivaConnect as Chief Strategy Officer

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VivaConnect appoints veteran Bharatesh Salian as Chief Strategy Officer. He will define and execute strategic initiatives for brands, media houses and agencies to deliver an unified-interactive experience across all screens and touch points.

Salian comes with a strong technology background and in-depth understanding of brands and consumer behaviour. He brings on board, 14 years of experience in mobile, digital and social media marketing space. Prior to joining VivaConnect, he was with Mogae Media Group as strategic planning & business development director. His former stint as a general manager- digital and mobility services at Omnicom Media Group owned OMD and PHD, had him heading the mobile strategy and project implementation for large FMCG’s like Hindustan Unilever Limited, Johnson & Johnson.

With his strong conviction about mobile offering the highest reach, he executed campaigns for notable brands using Telecom Platform on a 10-digit mobile number (Long Code). Other major projects include introduction of “Web Click to Call” concept in a Brand Campaign for Pepsi in 2009 and Missed Call Activity in a Brand Activation for Tide Plus.

He has been a recipient of ‘Innovative Leader Award’ at Indira International Innovation Summit, January 2013.

Speaking on the appointment, Managing director Vikram Raichura said, “I am delighted to welcome Bharatesh to the team VivaConnect. With his treasure-box of experience across brands and agencies, I am confident that it will further enable us to deliver greater value to our clients apart from giving them a competitive advantage. I wish him all the luck for his career-journey with VivaConnect.”

Tracking reach of your advertising campaign? .. Think Mobile!

A full page newspaper advertisement, Centerfold of a magazine, Prime time slot on a Television or a billboard around the city. Your brand must have been there done that to get people’s attention and it might have worked well or may be not so for your brand. For which you obviously shelved out a whooping some of money, attempting to build your brand value and ensuring that sales stay on rise.

Just one question, were you able to track the actual reach? .. Probably not!

Advertising is important indeed for every brand and it allows for a smart placement of your product, Yet how shall you know ..

The actual number of people that your ads have reached?

Who are the ones who really received what you conveyed?

Who reciprocated to your advertisements?

Wondering how? .. Think Mobile now!

How about backing your advertising campaigns with Mobile engagement initiatives to interact with customers.

5-star win
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 Say you publish an advertisement in a print media, where the copy even carries a missed call number that delivers the caller with additional information of the product. Let’s make it even better, run a contest where the caller is also rewarded with a small gift, say a discount coupon over SMS or an instant mobile talk-time recharge. The number of calls you received are the one’s whom you persuaded successfully with your advertising campaign. After all they took the effort of giving you a missed call.. didn’t they?

Mobile engagement offers:

  • A Traceable reach
  • Builds a rational database of callers for easy future interaction
  • Most importantly, a personal reach

Mobile engagement allows for :

  • Contest & Games
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Polling
  • Sampling
  • Notifications of new products
  • Referral programmes
  • Reward schemes

Mobile engagement happens great over:

  • Voice calls / Toll Free Services
  • Interactive Mobile apps
  • 24×7 missed call services

Simply mix it up with cool ‘n creative campaigns and you’ll have a superb interaction channel.

I’m sure you are already thinking over Mobile engagement, After all engagement over Mobile gives you an actual figure and not just a ball park number!


Forbes covers Digital Battlefield of Indian elections 2014

In this 16th edition of  Lok Sabha Elections running across India throughout April and May 2014, candidates are loosening their wallets making enormous spending over campaigning. The sum amount is speculated to be anywhere between Rs.30,000 – 35,000 crore, states Forbes India in its latest issue (18th April, 14) carrying a cover story ‘Digital Battle field


Excerpts from VivaConnect’s interview to Forbes:

Q: Just as corporate clients would be vary of dealing with a company that also serviced the competition, political parties would be cautious too about dealing with a firm that also dealt with their opponents. How did you manage to gain their trust?

A: “ We won their trust by maintaining absolute confidentiality of clients data. We do not share any strategic information of a competitor with another. Even within the company, this information is restricted only to the top management to ensure absolute secrecy”,

“A plus point has been our reach, We connect even with the media dark regions of India. We have the capacity for conducting huge campaigns on a pan-India scale.”

– Vikram Raichura, Managing Director.

Check out the issue for complete coverage and interesting coverage of Indian General Elections 2014.

Forbes - April02.2