Bharatiya Janata Party & VivaConnect’s ‘LiveTalk’ – A finalist in 4 categories at Smarties India 2014

LiveTalk qualifies as a finalist at MMA’s Smarties India Award 2014 in whooping 4 categories, we hold on to edge of our seats with fingers crossed.

fingers crossed


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) & VivaConnect Pvt. Ltd.’s  joint nomination ‘LiveTalk’ is a finalist in following 4 categories

1. Relation Building / CRM
2. Cross Media Integration
3. Innovation
4. Best Brand Experience in Mobile Rich Media.



About LiveTalk:

India being a feature phone heavy market with only 17.15% mobile internet users. Penetration of voice services stands strong building 99% reach. Thus the idea was of taking Narendra Modi’s voice, that is a voice of a promising and confident leader and delivering it to every Indian commoner’s ear.

Broadcasting recorded events was easier & attempted earlier but Live audio broadcast of an event in real time over a phone call had never been attempted. Hence a creative Strategy was sketched by BJP and VivaConnect to build a connect over Mobile through Live Audio Broadcast on voice call – LiveTalk.

With LiveTalk, BJP got instant connect with the audience where they could hear Narendra Modi talking to them “LIVE” over mobile.


  •  430 Public rallies covered with LiveTalk across India
  • 3,245,783 LiveTalk Calls received
  • More than 800 hours of LIVE Audio Broadcast consumed
  • More than 350 hours of pre-recorded Voice Broadcast
  • Uninterrupted service across 29 Indian states & 7 Union territories

BJP had a landslide victory winning 282 seats of Indian Parliament and Narendra Modi got anointed as 15th Prime Minister of India on 26th May, 2014.

LiveTalk become an innovative service of its kind.

Click here to read the complete story.



Social Media & Mobile Marketing – A Seamless Integration

Social media has grown exponentially strong in past 2 years and more so over Mobile. Over 33 million Indians flock twitter, 62 million Indians access Facebook over mobile phones and more than 100 million users are enjoying Internet over mobile.


Growing strong on Mobile
Interestingly, a mobile user spends about 65% of time spent posting photos, using maps, playing games, sharing content, blogging and reading over social media platforms. As mobile phone has made it easier for all to share and consume data on the move, that’s exactly where opportunity lies for Businesses, Brands and Enterprises to reach their target consumers. Needless to say, Mobile marketing is the key to unlock this potential reach.

Mobile Marketing – Its much more than what you think!
Let’s have a clear understanding of the term ‘Mobile marketing’ – It’s absolutely not about selling your products or services over mobile, Instead it’s about offering a warm experience of your brand through services of Voice Calls, Missed Calls, SMS, Email and Mobile Apps.

It has much to do with understanding mobile usage habit of your target consumers, addressing their requirement and gradually nestling your brand over mobile so that when they look out for your, you’ll be right into the spot.

Making things simpler and easy
Let’s say your brand has built a mobile app and you need more users through increased downloads. So how about saving them (user) the hassle of searching your app in the app store and instead giving them a missed call number to download the app. Just flash the number over social media & networking sites, as a user discovers and gives a give a missed call, a download link would be sent to him over a SMS.  One tap on the link and Voila, you’ll have one more user!

We all want things simplified for our customers and that’s a great advantage offered by Mobile marketing services. Mobile has changed the way we consume all sorts of online content and thus incorporating Missed call, SMS, & Voice services further enhances the engagement. Moreover it offers the quickest call to actiona zero or minimal cost engagement and an instant connect.

Mobile marketing services integrated over social media platforms has much to offer, have you tested it for your brand?


The Back-up Talent

As featured in ascent global of 6th August, 2014. The Times of India – New Delhi.
– Palak Bhatia


Every organisation today keeps a pool of employees that are not involved in any of the current projects and are waiting to be engaged in an opportunity. These professionals, commonly known as `on-the-bench’ employees, consist of talent waiting to be utilized. It is essential that the companies use these people in an efficient manner to build up the knowledge base of the organisation and provide tangible skills to the employees.

Anurag Gupta, COO, Magna Infotech, tells us the advantages of maintaining a bench, “Most organisations keep a `bench’ for a variety of reasons: the anticipation of an upcoming project where the requirement for people is urgent; training of employees who are not performing well and for deployment of freshers.

Though people on-the-bench are non-billable headcounts to the organisation, the concept of `bench’ is created to ensure that there is a pool of employees available at every Is t given point. The bench also ensures that employees can be retooled/re-trained, thus making them employable. However, longer duration on the bench leads to frustration and de-motivation among employees over time. Bench employee compensations are not competitive enough and they remain idle leading to a lot of negativity in the entire eco-system.“

It is important that organisations do not allow these employees to remain idle and make use of the time in a mutually-beneficial manner. What are the ways to productively utilize these on-the-bench resources?
R Mohan, CEO, Career Access lists a few strategies:

CERTIFICATIONS AND TRAINING: Enhance the employee’s profile, capability and positioning with clients; re-skill resources on-the-bench and align them to goals;

BUILDING ASSETS: Automate internal tools, build programs pro-bono, etc;

CAPABILITY: Build competence in `sunrise’ skills, which are emerging in the horizon and are likely to be in demand;

SHADOWING: Learn through observing others in action, which is an effective way of acquiring knowledge, skills, insights and networking within the organisation;

COACHING: Engage with career counselors or mentors within the organisation to proactively understand the business landscape; seek opportunities proactively without waiting for somebody to call;

CONTRIBUTING: Increase their utilization by exploring opportunities to contribute to non-billable but productive work such as pre-sales or other business and organisation requirements (more applicable to experienced employees).

The on-the-bench employees can also put in efforts to improve their prospects and make use of the opportunities that come by. Poonam Bisht, head ­ HR, VivaConnect Pvt Ltd, tells us how, “On-the-bench employees should treat themselves like soldiers sweating at a boot camp; they should train themselves every passing day for `come what may’ situations. The waiting time can be transformed into personal training time by performing mock-up drills, researching new technology, attending problem-solving sessions and deriving alternative solutions to the existing operations. Being a part of a company and having access to resources for learning along with a salary is probably the best privilege any employee could get. So, a word of ad vice to on-the-bench employees learn while you earn!“ Thus, organisations and employees can work in tandem to utilize the latter’s time on-the-bench and create new talent for future ventures.

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