VivaConnect Cherished Womanhood; Female Employees Rejoiced

“A rose won’t be a rose without its fragrance;
Same goes for any company, without its female employees”

VivaConnect celebrated International Women’s day on 9th March, by taking its female employees for a treat, and a movie afterwards, on a full working day.


Although the treat was kept as a surprise, all the ladies were asked to come as their best dressed for the celebration, and everyone was excited to see what the surprise was going to be. The environment was very vibrant and the smiles over the employee’s faces was totally worth it.


Along with this, a customized calendar was gifted to all the female employees to symbolize their worth to the company.


Mr. Kiran Raichura, Chairman, said, “ I believe that Women hold an important position in any organization or society. They are an important pillar of our organization, and we are proud of them”.


“ It was a great gesture from Kiran Sir, we really enjoyed the treat and the movie..”

“ What a great Surprise!!”, were some of the comments of the female employees.


     In all, a happy Women’s day indeed.:)

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