Bolt – 1 Minute Voice Race Challenge

Bolt case study_infographics1-01
Bolt – 1 Minute Voice Race Challenge, was a ‘Voice Call’ based game for BOLT from TATA Motors. It was a pre-launch campaign which highlighted Bolt‘s Multi-drive feature intelligently through a gamified format. The game utilized DTMF inputs (Mobile Keypad) as a medium to play the game. It also increased Brand Recall Value of the campaign for main print and other launch mediums. There was a substantial increase in test-drive enquiries after the campaign. The fact that it got viral by word of mouth publicity, also contributed to an extent, for the accolades it received.

Bolt campaign was designed in a creative manner, which not only emphasized on delivering the Brand Message, but also on creating an unique customer experience. The simplicity yet effectiveness of the campaign, was the result of the hardwork our professional team, who devised a creative and an engaging platform for Bolt from Tata Motors. The hassle free execution of the campaign and high customer engagement also validates our capability of delivering the solutions in an efficient manner.

Here’s a quick video which explains the complete campaign:

The Emergence of ‘No Stack’ Mobile Marketing


What is the difference between Microsoft and Apple?

Microsoft builds pieces of stack — the OS, apps, etc — and relies on multiple partners to build semiconductors, cases, assembly, marketing, retail etc. Apple does everything — they design their own chips, own phone hardware, own OS, own apps, the packaging, the retail experience, everything. One can say that Microsoft is a “No Stack” company, whereas Apple is a “Full Stack” organization. While both the organizations have achieved huge feats of success, this shows that these two methodologies do not oppose each other, but rather it’s the type of business that decides which methodology to adapt.

VivaConnect, a Full Stack organization, enables businesses to run in a No Stack fashion. A new era is emerging where many startups and even well established organizations prefer to go No Stack. This is where VivaConnect plays its role. For instance, if you are a creative marketing organization which has many ideas and clients at hand and wish to run a full fledged mobile marketing campaign, VivaConnect can empower you in the process. It’s almost illogical for such an organization to completely build its own technical stack, when they can utilize ours to manage and execute their campaign.

The recent unbundling of the full stack startup have paved way for many companies to focus on the last mile of value they intend to provide. Such companies can use our services and can concentrate their resources to excel in one domain. We develop and create customized APIs as per the requirement which can easily integrate with your already up and running business software. The services that we provide are protracted into a wide variety of mediums ranging from Voice to SMS. We not only provide the backend to run your mobile marketing campaign but also provide solutions, ideas, and corrective measures to increase the efficiency of the campaign.

The current terminology IoT (Internet of Things) probably understates this potential impact. Brands can make use of our mobile marketing services to create a name or enhance their already established name. VivaConnect avails dashboard, analytics, and cloud infrastructure, all at extreme scale and low cost, that allows the creation of completely new forms of automation which seamlessly gives your No Stack business a look-n-feel of full stack business.

Dubsmash to Express the Joy of Independence

 independence mailer
“Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna, ab hamare dil me hai. Dekhna hai zor kitna ab tere Dubsmash me hai!”

This Independence Day, VivaConnect was all set to Dubsmash… Right from Nana Patekar’s strong dialogues in Krantiveer, to the exuberation of winning a cricket match in Lagaan, the employees made sure that their expression of freedom gets resonated with an epic moment in Indian Cinema.

The activity gave everyone the chance to reflect on the beautiful tale of our freedom and express themselves in a unique way while revealing their sheer creativity. Take a look…


Friendship’s Day in VivaConnect’s Bay

“Finding a friend in the disguise of a colleague, is never on paper, but indeed, the most desired perk.”

Last week, VivaConnect celebrated Friendship’s day by organizing a Selfie Contest with exciting goodies and vouchers on the desk for the winners.

What were the rules? Well, just like friendship, the rule was to grab your buddies and let your selfies stand out of all. That’s when the groups decided to showcase different colours, creativity and moods of their friendship. And to say the least, everyone done their creative caps with enthusiasm and participated.

From selfie sticks to colored hats, from devilish looks to creative snaps, everybody caught something different but yet their bonds were reflecting quite imminently.

Have a look:

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And finally, here are the winners –


Joie de Viv(a)re : Where Talent meets Opportunity

“You don’t know you’re an artist, until you pick up the brush and start, and VivaConnect is a place where every person is handed a brush to paint their own success story.”

Fun at VivaConnect

We are a Mobile Media Company with largest infrastructure for Voice and Missed Call services in India. People come before titles at VivaConnect. You don’t need a title to lead, a designation to dream or approval to express your freedom.

A team that eats together, succeeds together. The provision for free homemade food along with evening snacks at our workplace respites our employees who hesitate in eating outside food. The long list of perks and benefits while working with VivaConnect takes care of your stability as well. Competitive salaries, friendly policies, mobile and travel reimbursements, medical insurance, and social security benefits are just few of those. The low attrition rate is a clear indicator of loyalty and satisfaction level of our employees.

Every employee has a set of work priorities and understanding those requirements is crucial. If working from a remote location lets you deliver great results, you’re free to do that. We’re that flexible.

Work and fun are not separate entities at VivaConnect and it’s an uncommon habit of our employees to stop every now-n-then and wonder, “Am I having fun in midst of work, or I’m doing work in midst of fun?

To join our league of legends, drop us a mail at, and be a part of the innovation.