4 Trends in Marketing Automation that will rule 2018


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A tool that a lot of businesses are seeing potential in & is consistently gaining their trust is Marketing automation. It doesn’t come across as a surprise when we see many business owners taking advantage of this system. The businesses using this system have reported a 451% increase in qualified leads, as reported by Hubspot. Marketing automation is dynamic and hence, it’s developed and updated on a daily basis.

How does having hundreds of potential leads for your marketing and sales team and allowing them to nurture those leads without getting overwhelmed sound? That’s basically the purpose of having a marketing automation tool. This allows you to create the best leads that eventually become returning customers. It also allows you to treat each customer with a personalized touch.

Current Trends Going Into 2018

In order to properly look at the potential trends of 2018 we should first look at the current trends in 2017:

The rising importance and effectiveness of Digital Channels

This year has been all about generating more leads and improving generation of leads. For most of these businesses, digital channels are acting like a barrier to that success. The most successful channels of a company are its website and social media handles but they’re also the most difficult to execute. If a company isn’t using external help, it gets very tough to have ad documented strategy and many don’t even use available tools; like marketing automation to improve them.
Marketing Automation Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Marketing Automation currently receives around 10,000 searches in certain countries and the searches for all related keywords are 1,00,000 a month. 6 months ago, these numbers were not half of what they are today; so it’s obvious that multiple business owners now understand the importance of marketing automation.

Businesses without Digital Marketing Knowledge Are Beginning To Fail

Not all business owners are well-versed with digital marketing and its effectiveness. However, sooner or later, they all need to understand/realize that digital marketing is more than what we see or know of and lack of understanding about this topic will do more harm than good. A good percentage of small businesses don’t even know what SEO means.


Predicted Trends

Let’s have a look at some of the trends that we expect to pop-up in the upcoming year.

  1. The consistent rise of marketing automation will continue. Owing to the immense success that this tool has brought to businesses, it’s likely to be adapted by more businesses. Features like smart link allow a business to track the data of a lead as soon as he clicks on it.
  2. Companies who lack adequate digital knowledge will suffer the most and feel handicapped trying to catch up with competitors. The constant technological development and ease of access towards digital mediums have made the rise of digital era imminent.
  3. As mentioned earlier, automation is a dynamic process and thanks to this factor, it will only improve and serve us better. Better filtering options, personalized interactions and seamless communication are some of the updates that we can look forward to.
  4. Talk with many but communicate with one. That’s right, the successor of the long-dead mass marketing; mass personalization is better and improved. Backing on the development of AI algorithms, tools can now collect loads of data from a potential leads social networks, online purchases, app downloads and more.


Lets Automate

Get your marketing systems automated because it is important as the sooner you get it done, the longer you have a step up on your competitors. Automation platforms like Helo Marketing Cloud allow businesses to automate and target the absolutely needed communication to the right audience at the right time and through a link click you can know consumer behaviour reports real time with predictive analytics. Helo Marketing Cloud dashboard provides a user-friendly-interface designed to consolidate an otherwise confused clutter of disparate data sources in a single display.  Helo Marketing Cloud’s analytical components consist of Date-wise stats, User stats, User mobile details, social influence, Demographic information, Traceable links etc.

Added features to this are not offered by many marketing automation tools, but with Helo SMS campaigns steep targeting reaches a new level with DND & Non clicker feature! What is it? A potential audience targeting list consists of numbers that have activated DND (Do not Disturb) or user who haven’t click on the sms link. When you use Helo, we allow you to reach these unapproachable leads too by auto targeting with digital ads on face book and Google thereby maximizing your reach and increasing your potential business.


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It’s high time to include Predictive Analytics in your Content Strategy!




Predictive Analytics: 

What is predictive analytics?  At its core, predictive analytics involves analyzing established data patterns to predict future behavior and events.

Predictive Analytics in Marketing:

For marketers, these predictions mean analyzing marketing data for patterns of buyer engagement and behavior. Predictive analytics are used to determine customer responses or purchases, as well as promote cross-sell opportunities. Predictive models help businesses attract, retain and grow their most profitable customers. Using developments in machine learning and predictive analysis, it is now easier than ever to identify hidden opportunity in your customer data – and the best bit is that the opportunities are huge.


 How you can use Predictive Analytics in B2B Marketing:

  1. Expanded Social Media Presence: Social media utilizes predictive data to see what people want to see and read more about. In other words, predictive analytics can be used to optimize a company’s use of social media. It means that companies can see trends or phrases from their predictive analytics marketing and use it on their desired social media platforms.
  2. Generate and Nurture Leads with More Personalized Messages.
  3. Accuracy: With B2B sales, which tend to have more established marketing patterns, the predictive calculations of machine learning tools are incredibly accurate. Similar businesses have similar needs and therefore the machine draws on existing data that, in turn, leads to more accurate predictions.
  4. The scope of Unknown Opportunity: B2B organizations operating in a broad range of industries many are more likely to find gaps in their marketing strategy. Predictive analytics identifies broad gaps in a company’s presumed customer profile.
  5. More Sales: Predictive Marketers are more likely to report revenue growth at rates higher than the industry average.


Similarly, Predictive Analytics with Helo Marketing Cloud helps you with the benefits of knowing your target audience and thereby you can build the right content for the right person and flash it at the right time. This can also help you plan your marketing strategy effectively. Here, Vivaconnect’s latest core product – Helo Marketing Cloud comes out to be a bliss for B2B marketers.

Benefits of Helo SMS Campaigns

Helo SMS Campaigns are tailor-made keeping in mind client’s requirement and ensure that they get accurate and expected results. Clients are assured of a seamless communication flow and an increased ROI. In fact, Helo SMS Campaigns increases SMS marketing ROI by 1.5x at 25 percent lower cost.

Further, it clearly helps the brand in extending its reach, engagement, profile and also in retargeting and automating the entire process. What more? Lead generation, brand awareness, customer acquisition, feedback, surveys, customer service notification, contests, loyalty and media effectiveness tracking is all a cake walk with Helo SMS Campaigns. 

The Challenge of Predictive Analytic

Predictive analytics is the weakest data skill among B2B marketers, their team, and their organization. It’s funny, but most of the organizations still do not use it. Analytics is basically getting closer to your customers, so close that you can tell them what they will need well before they realize it themselves. It’s clear that marketers need to stop merely discussing the merits of using data to make accurate predictions and begin to actively do something about it

How Helo Marketing Cloud can Help

While predictive analytics represent an invaluable and essential tool for developing an effective marketing strategy, finding those with the skills to execute this kind of data analysis represents a considerable challenge. To help make the work of predictive analytics more accessible, Helo Marketing cloud has developed an exhaustive real-time analytical dashboard showcasing campaign performance and user behavior based on measurable data, thus providing future business insights for re-targeting.

Helo Marketing Cloud dashboard provides a user-friendly-interface designed to consolidate an otherwise confused clutter of disparate data sources in a single display.  Helo Marketing Cloud’s analytical components consist of Date-wise stats, User stats, User mobile details, social influence, Demographic information, Traceable links etc.

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Are you targeting the right audience?




“One size does not fit all” is a common line most fashion designers use. And perhaps it’s time for marketing agencies too to start using this line while devising their marketing strategies as most of the times, the marketed products are not for the masses but for a specific set of people which need to be clearly identified.

In fact, today, the first basic question faced by every marketer is—Am I reaching out to the right audience with the right medium? This question can set the base for all the strategic steps that can be undertaken to generate leads and the answer to this question could be the funnel approach.

Have you seen a funnel? Have a look at it again. It will teach how you need to narrow down your means to communicate with the target audience. If the objective is to reach the specified masses, then Big Data and Analytics (via artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms) can be specially used for effective targeting that can yield better and cost-effective results. Through this way, brands can know about what, how, when to communicate with the customers and through which medium. Here, SMS-based campaigns for razor sharp precision and targeting cannot be given a miss.

The benefits of knowing your target audience for SMS marketing are many like you can build the right content for the right person and flash it at the right times. This can also help you plan your marketing strategy effectively. Here, Vivaconnect’s latest core product—Helo Marketing Cloud that includes Helo SMS Campaigns deserve a special mention.

Benefits of Helo SMS Campaigns

Helo SMS Campaigns are tailor-made keeping in mind client’s requirement and ensure that they get accurate and expected results. Clients are assured of a seamless communication flow and an increased ROI. In fact, Helo SMS Campaigns increases SMS marketing ROI by 1.5x at 25 per cent lower cost.

Further, it clearly helps the brand in extending its reach, engagement, profile and also in retargeting and automating the entire process. What more? Lead generation, brand awareness, customer acquisition, feedback, surveys, customer service notification, contests, loyalty and media effectiveness tracking is all a cake walk with Helo SMS Campaigns. 

There is a lot more that Helo offers…

In keeping with the technological advancement and level of competition, Helo Marketing Cloud offers a range of digital solutions. From SMS Campaigns to voice, digital and social media management platforms, it offers a range of services to reach the potential market.

Helo’s analytical engine provides important business insights to the marketers like…

  • Data wise statistics: You can get daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly reports to make accurate decisions.
  • User statistics: You can know your present, new and repeat customers with its razor sharp analytical data.
  • User mobile details: Be it Android, iOs or tablet, you can get all information pertaining to user affluence.
  • Social media influence: From those influencing and to what will influence your customer, you can get all details at one go.
  • Demographic information: You can learn who is hitting the ‘Like’ button more or sharing it.
  • Traceable links: You can even find out which mobile user’s network is consuming your message and how it likes to get its message.

Overall, an exhaustive real-time analytical dashboard of Helo Marketing Cloud showcases campaign performance and user behavior based on measurable data, thus, providing efficient business insights for high precision targeting.

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Consumer Personalization: Striking a customized marketing chord with your customers!


Marketing is a contest for people’s attention”, says Seth Godin, a highly celebrated author of more than 18 extensively read books. But, is it that easy to grab all the attention of the targeted curious, adventurous and experimentative souls out there?

What is that sizzling M’ (marketing) factor which is hidden for some marketers but has made itself quite obvious for few others? Well, it is actually the practice of customizing the products and services according to the tastes and preferences of the potential customers before pitching to them directly in the global market. In fact, today’s business world relies more heavily on personalization than it ever did before.

What more? Customization also brings a business closer to it’s loyal as well as fresh customers with a tinge of the personal element in the whole endeavor.

This accelerating drift towards customization has an equal and opposite reaction from the other side as well! The customers have now started expecting much more from the brands in terms of better-tailored products and services with great personalization at no enhanced cost to them. This rising need of being pampered by the businesses has given birth to a dynamic business environment where the offerings/deals fail quickly if they do not find a perfect fit as per the visualized satisfaction of the buyer.

So, the mantra for fruitful marketing today is to find suitable products for the customers and not the other way round where an unproductive marketing strategy and the desperate salespersons run after the weakest possibility of selling off their products or services to their customers. And this can be only achieved through consumer personalization.


Helo Marketing Cloud for consumer personalization

A bright day for any marketer would typically include understanding his customers accurately, convincing them about the offered service or product and then finally building a rock-hard brand reputation with widest geographical presence. Well, Vivaconnect’s latest core product—Helo Marketing Cloud does just that and helps a true marketer to excel in this tough time of cut-throat competition. It promises to bridge the gap between any promising business and its focused consumer clan by equipping its marketing personnel with the tools to learn more about the consumers’ persona (hailing from across demographics, segments and interests) and decode the hidden signals that are often criminally ignored.


The crucial tasks of generating awareness, ensuring friction-less engagement, result-oriented data analysis and business development are all performed by Helo Marketing Cloud which gives complete consumer profiling through a link shortener which can be used in an SMS. What more? Helo’s analytical engine also provides important business insights to the brands about what, how, when to communicate with the customers and through which medium. Through this way, you can make your business outshine its competitors even at the international scale. The main USP of Helo Marketing Cloud is that it reaches to only those people who have used online services across various geographies of India, thereby, eliminating wastage.

In a nutshell, through Helo Marketing Cloud, you can successfully build a corporate data cloud to decode the consumer behavior. And the more a business knows its customers, the beauteous is the experience for both of them with lucrative ROI for the business and value for money for the consumers.

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The Rise of Marketing Cloud, Marketing Automation and Predictive Analytics




” Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation” said legendary Management Guru Peter Drucker. And marrying the two is a new wave of marketing paradigms such as Marketing Cloud, Marketing Automation and Predictive Analytics.

But what exactly are these paradigms and is there a compelling business case for them?

Before the Internet revolution of the 90s, business moved at a moderate pace. It was easy to understand and analyze what prospects and customers wanted, by looking at market research and sales data. However, with the advent of Internet and subsequently e-Commerce, customer tastes and preferences started changing at a faster pace than what market research or customer feedback surveys could reliably unearth.

This trend only accelerated with time as Mobility, Social Media and the Cloud brought more and more disruption in the way prospects buy, how they research information, and how they decide while on the move. These trends have shaped what is being called the Digital Economy, where change and disruption happens on a daily basis.

To the average Marketer or Marketing department of business organizations, this creates a huge challenge as they can no longer reliably predict what customers want and initiate manufacture or procurement accordingly. There are too many online channels where prospects are actively seeking information on brands and products. This and the fact that customers no longer believe in brand loyalty implies their tastes and preferences are constantly changing. Accordingly, marketers must be very quick in understanding customers’ or prospects’ needs, preferences, and tastes; while serving them.

Common mechanisms used by Marketing departments can no longer meet this challenge, which is why, more effective, and technology-based mechanisms have become inevitable in order to sustain competitive advantage and grow market share. Although these names are used interchangeably, they are quite different from each other.

  • Marketing Automation refers to software systems that are used to automate repetitive marketing tasks such as emails, social media, and website-related interventions, thereby increasing speed and scale for the marketing department.
  • Marketing Cloud or Cloud marketing is a much larger function and process. It involves creating integrated digital experiences which are customized for every single end user. With time, this has resulted in Cloud-based marketing platforms and an eco-system which comprises manufacturers, marketers, technology-enablers and third-party vendors.
  • Predictive Analytics: Predictive Analytics is a branch of Data Science or Big Data as some would like to call it. It’s primarily used to predict future events or outcomes using techniques such as data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning, and AI (artificial intelligence) on current data.


Benefits and Advantages of these Marketing paradigms

Marketing departments of large business organization use all these 3 mechanisms today, as each of them have their own unique advantages, creating a compelling mix of benefits which are valuable in a competitive marketplace.

 Benefits of Marketing Automation (MA)

  • Understand customer preferences better: Record customer clicks and behavior to create a profile for every user that reflects their content and product preferences.
  • Predict the right content: As a natural outcome of the previous benefit, marketers can now determine the best content or products for anyone.
  • Create personalized experiences: By enabling one-on-one interactions, MA helps deliver predictive content across various channels such as email, web-apps and mobile apps.

 Components of Marketing Cloud (MC)

  • Predictive Scores: Unlike traditional lead-scoring which is manual, MC automatedly creates scores which enable marketers to understand customers’ likelihood to engage, based on a whole range of metrics.
  • Predictive Audiences: Based on the predictive score, marketers can identify specific segments of customers who would behave in a particular manner over time.
  • Predictive Journeys: Based on the above component, marketers can adjust the marketing campaign in order to follow the audience segment as per their predicted behavior.

 Benefits of Predictive Analytics

  • Predict Content Decisions: Automatically serve the most engaging content for each customer segment
  • Streamline Content Creation: Create business rules, logic and recommendation templates for online and email campaigns.
  • Automate Content Selection: Use powerful algorithms to create different scenarios and understand how customers make buying decisions.
  • Predictive Intelligence: Determine the best message, best channel and best timing for each customer experience. Influence important business decisions by using available customer data.


There are innumerable success stories of companies who have increased sales, leads and opportunities by employing these mechanisms. Sooner or later, their use will become inevitable for all sizes of organizations, for long-term sustenance, growth and market-leadership.

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5 Life lessons from a bungy jump.



VivaConnect founder and CEO Mr. Vikram Raichura share his personal experience

In his voice : During the past couple of weeks, I was off for a family holiday to the Himalayas. At the fag end of our trip we landed in Rishikesh and went for extreme adventure sports. Little did I know that I would not only enjoy the bungy jump, but cherish the learning for life. Just thought of sharing the same with everyone.

  • There is no compulsion to do anything in life: Its a rule at this bungy place, that they will not push you down if you don’t want to jump. They would give you one more opportunity after the first failed attempt, if you still don’t jump for the second attempt you are promptly sent back. Similarly, Be authentic in life, Don’t wait for somebody to push you to get things done. Just do things only if you really want to do it. If you get this, you will never have Monday Morning Blues nor would you be desperate for a vacation or a party.


  • Give up control, Trust your Team: There is a lot of preparation required for a safe and successful jump, similarly to run our business smoothly, we need to trust our team and give up on controlling them or micro managing them. This will lead to developing their potential and significantly increase your capacity to get things done effectively.


  • No matter how hard you fall, you will always come up: Once you let go from the platform, the first few seconds you will feel that you have committed the worst mistake of your life, but eventually the fall breaks and then you come up and down and up and down and then you start enjoying the same. So whatever happens in life, any ups and downs, don’t bother just enjoy it…eventually you are going to come up right on your two feet smiling.


  • Don’t worry even if your upside down: Once you have stabilized from the jump but you are still upside down, you feel tremendous pressure in your head, don’t worry. There are few people just waiting to hold you and release you. Similarly sometimes in life we feel everything that is happening in life is wrong, don’t fret, just keep moving, there will be someone who will definitely help you out and bring you out of the mess.


  • There is nothing to achieve after all: Once I was laying back after the harness removed, I couldn’t speak, I was just laughing out loud and could stop only after a few minutes. Upon contemplating on what I achieved by doing this, I had no answers…Actually I got nothing, I simply lived in the moment without any fear. I realized in Life too…there is nothing to achieve just live in the moment without fear and enjoy the gift of life.


Vikram Raichura, Founder & CEO, VivaConnect Pvt ltd.

Things which no one else can do in this world, but your MOM.

Remember the mother, not just mother Teresa but your ‘24/7/365 Mom’. Mothers are curious beings. Service and sacrifice are their central motto.

Your mother has been crazy enough to love you even though you probably aren’t worth it. It’s about time we start appreciating them. It’s about time we admit the things they do out of love for their children.


Feeds you more than your stomach can take and eats leftovers herself


“Aur ek roti, bas ek aur. Nai nai main baad mein kha loongi.”


When you were a kid, she’d check your lunch box every single day when you returned home from school and if it’s not empty you’re in a big trouble


“Khana accha nahi laga, tabiat toh thik hai teri? Main dusra kuch banake du?”


She backs you up when your result are too poor to show or be signed by your dad

Mother 3

“Maa sign kar do na, pleeeese.”


She’s always worrying about everybody’s health other than hers

Mother 4

Man what are you there for? Take care of your mother.


When you teach your amma how to text message in cell phone, next day she’ll message you asking  – haveyoueaten?

Mother 5

Amma where is the space in between the words, lol!


She acts as a substitute to alarm clock with no snooze button

Mother 6

“Uth jao bohot so liya, school ka time ho gaya hai.”


When dad gets super angry and is ready to whip you like hell, maa leaves everything she’s been doing and comes running to your rescue

Mother 7

“Ah, amma aa gayi, main bach gaya!” You can count on her in every situation.



Whenever you are a little late coming home, she bombards you with worried-sounding phone calls


Because you are the world to her and she cares for you more than anything.


She writes a long check list for your trip and inspects your backpack again and again to see that you remain comfortable when she’s not there to comfort you



You will always be her baby and she will treat you as such, even when you have your own children



At the end of a long hellish day, no matter what her mood is, she will sit at the table, see you eat and listen to your complains

Mother 11

Even when she understands nothing, even when she never complains about her work.


When you are doing late night study she’ll check on you every hour and make hot tea or coffee to keep you from dozing off

Mother 12

Next day she’ll wake up as usual and never complain about her loss of sleep. (Why not give her a present every time she does that)!


She can’t hold back her tears when you are hurt

Mother 13

But she won’t let you see her pain.


In your dark times she’s the one person in the entire world who will stand by you and will never deny you a hug



At time, she may dislike you or scold you but she’ll never abandon you, never stop loving you


She’ll come back and kiss you on your forehead and say “chalo sab thik ho jayega.”


” Happy Mother’s Day “