5 Life lessons from a bungy jump.



VivaConnect founder and CEO Mr. Vikram Raichura share his personal experience

In his voice : During the past couple of weeks, I was off for a family holiday to the Himalayas. At the fag end of our trip we landed in Rishikesh and went for extreme adventure sports. Little did I know that I would not only enjoy the bungy jump, but cherish the learning for life. Just thought of sharing the same with everyone.

  • There is no compulsion to do anything in life: Its a rule at this bungy place, that they will not push you down if you don’t want to jump. They would give you one more opportunity after the first failed attempt, if you still don’t jump for the second attempt you are promptly sent back. Similarly, Be authentic in life, Don’t wait for somebody to push you to get things done. Just do things only if you really want to do it. If you get this, you will never have Monday Morning Blues nor would you be desperate for a vacation or a party.


  • Give up control, Trust your Team: There is a lot of preparation required for a safe and successful jump, similarly to run our business smoothly, we need to trust our team and give up on controlling them or micro managing them. This will lead to developing their potential and significantly increase your capacity to get things done effectively.


  • No matter how hard you fall, you will always come up: Once you let go from the platform, the first few seconds you will feel that you have committed the worst mistake of your life, but eventually the fall breaks and then you come up and down and up and down and then you start enjoying the same. So whatever happens in life, any ups and downs, don’t bother just enjoy it…eventually you are going to come up right on your two feet smiling.


  • Don’t worry even if your upside down: Once you have stabilized from the jump but you are still upside down, you feel tremendous pressure in your head, don’t worry. There are few people just waiting to hold you and release you. Similarly sometimes in life we feel everything that is happening in life is wrong, don’t fret, just keep moving, there will be someone who will definitely help you out and bring you out of the mess.


  • There is nothing to achieve after all: Once I was laying back after the harness removed, I couldn’t speak, I was just laughing out loud and could stop only after a few minutes. Upon contemplating on what I achieved by doing this, I had no answers…Actually I got nothing, I simply lived in the moment without any fear. I realized in Life too…there is nothing to achieve just live in the moment without fear and enjoy the gift of life.


Vikram Raichura, Founder & CEO, VivaConnect Pvt ltd.

Things which no one else can do in this world, but your MOM.

Remember the mother, not just mother Teresa but your ‘24/7/365 Mom’. Mothers are curious beings. Service and sacrifice are their central motto.

Your mother has been crazy enough to love you even though you probably aren’t worth it. It’s about time we start appreciating them. It’s about time we admit the things they do out of love for their children.


Feeds you more than your stomach can take and eats leftovers herself


“Aur ek roti, bas ek aur. Nai nai main baad mein kha loongi.”


When you were a kid, she’d check your lunch box every single day when you returned home from school and if it’s not empty you’re in a big trouble


“Khana accha nahi laga, tabiat toh thik hai teri? Main dusra kuch banake du?”


She backs you up when your result are too poor to show or be signed by your dad

Mother 3

“Maa sign kar do na, pleeeese.”


She’s always worrying about everybody’s health other than hers

Mother 4

Man what are you there for? Take care of your mother.


When you teach your amma how to text message in cell phone, next day she’ll message you asking  – haveyoueaten?

Mother 5

Amma where is the space in between the words, lol!


She acts as a substitute to alarm clock with no snooze button

Mother 6

“Uth jao bohot so liya, school ka time ho gaya hai.”


When dad gets super angry and is ready to whip you like hell, maa leaves everything she’s been doing and comes running to your rescue

Mother 7

“Ah, amma aa gayi, main bach gaya!” You can count on her in every situation.



Whenever you are a little late coming home, she bombards you with worried-sounding phone calls


Because you are the world to her and she cares for you more than anything.


She writes a long check list for your trip and inspects your backpack again and again to see that you remain comfortable when she’s not there to comfort you



You will always be her baby and she will treat you as such, even when you have your own children



At the end of a long hellish day, no matter what her mood is, she will sit at the table, see you eat and listen to your complains

Mother 11

Even when she understands nothing, even when she never complains about her work.


When you are doing late night study she’ll check on you every hour and make hot tea or coffee to keep you from dozing off

Mother 12

Next day she’ll wake up as usual and never complain about her loss of sleep. (Why not give her a present every time she does that)!


She can’t hold back her tears when you are hurt

Mother 13

But she won’t let you see her pain.


In your dark times she’s the one person in the entire world who will stand by you and will never deny you a hug



At time, she may dislike you or scold you but she’ll never abandon you, never stop loving you


She’ll come back and kiss you on your forehead and say “chalo sab thik ho jayega.”


” Happy Mother’s Day “

Come in, WE’RE OPEN! Voice API Platform for everyone


“We have started the new year with a bash. With launch of Helo, our marketing cloud, we declare ourselves open to all voice aggregators and developers who are looking for APIs to build their products and solutions”, says Vikram Raichura, Managing Director, VivaConnect.

VivaConnect is making it big in the Mobile Marketing Industry by currently leading the voice and missed call market in India with 80% of aggregators using VivaConnect platform through APIs. It manages a daily traffic of over 50 Million outbound calls through their pool of 2000 PRI lines.

Catalyzed by the increased market of the mobile phones, the company focuses on utilizing mobile phones for its core feature, CALLING. Whether they are broadcast or customized calls, OBD calls, Missed calls, IVR calls with DTMF input or any other medium where voice is concerned, VivaConnect has the perfect recipe of Voice API to satisfy their client’s requirements.

To use the Voice APIs smartly, VivaConnect has come up with their cloud product, Helo Marketing Cloud. The Helo APIs can be merged with SMS, Voice and the like APIs to open a world of new opportunities. Through Helo, VivaConnect is now enabling the entire world to use voice platform without worrying about expertise, capex, opex, telco commitment etc by just using the Helo APIs.




The API can blend perfectly with any feature. It’s a smart mix of protocols and tools which help to notify the customer in case of missing a call from the client, missed call backed with either SMS, voice call or call patching. APIs can even generate voice scripts for the campaigns. IVR calls with DTMF input are on a rise. This allows the end user to feed its requirement and get the result of the chosen service. Live MIS helps to register all the details of the campaigns, recording all the analytics along with avoiding errors.

With only 35% of internet savvy population in the country, Helo is successful in eliminating the major barrier of no internet connectivity from the shoulders of all agencies, enterprises, aggregators by using voice as a platform for communication with the 800 million mobile users in India who don’t have the internet connectivity as of now. This is an applaudable achievement for the company as this segment of the industry remains untouched by the giants of the digital world- Google, Facebook, WhatsApp and the like.

Helo platform is expected to tap rural India in the best possible way as it is still under the dearth of literacy, internet connectivity, and heavy dependency on low-cost and lower-end feature phones. In such a scenario, voice calls in regional language are still the best option to connect to them.

Celebrating International Women’s Day



She is everywhere.

Your better half, your company partner, your competitor, your daughter, your mother.

More roles but a veil of silence covers her.

She is your role model, your strength, your power, your everything.

She molds into what you want her to be. Your caretaker, your willpower, your love. But let her be herself. Her dreams fly like yours do.

She is her own glory, her own future’s architect, her shape’s engineer, her life’s boss, a doctor of her own heartbreaks.

She is beautiful in her own way. Love her for who She is.

She creates a world around you, a world of which you are a part, too.



A day to celebrate the evergreen beauty of hers. A day to celebrate her every day’s victory. A day to celebrate her roles and the roles She plays in our lives.

We at Vivaconnect would like to thank the Woman Hood for everything they have done for us.


“Analytics” is the latest buzz word, attracting marketers like bees to honey.


What is “Marketing Analytics”? Does it really matter?

Each day, we create over 2.5 quintillions (1 quintillion = 10 followed by 18 zeros) bytes of data.

This is generated by every activity we do in the online and offline world. Marketing analytics gets this big data into focus and assesses the achievement of your marketing initiatives. You get a holistic view of how your marketing strategies are performing for each one in your target group.

In recent years, however, advancement of technologies in silos has resulted into a huge puddle of muddled data points. That’s when marketing analytics spins its magic wand for marketers, making it possible for them to fill the gaps by reinventing their marketing strategy.

As a marketer, if you are seeking the answers to a few basic questions below, you definitely need marketing analytics for your business:

  • How many prospects were created through a specific campaign?
  • What marketing initiatives will suit my target audience?
  • Which existing initiatives are performing well?
  • What marketing channels are bringing in more revenue?
  • How to improve the initiatives to improve results?
  • How are the activities performing against my competitors?
  • What channels are my competitors using?
  • Where should you direct our marketing spends?
  • How do we allocate our marketing resources?
  • Which is the most sensible channel for my business?

When marketers begin to gain the answers to these questions, they spread the same approach everywhere with sheer enthusiasm. This often results in a lack of focus and failure in achieving the marketing & sales goals.

Go steady; Go slow. Identify the criteria to decide which marketing activity will gain the highest ROI. Consider the necessary factors viz. the level of investment required, the time required to implement analytics, compatibility with existing business strategy, impact on customers, the capability of your business and the possible hurdles on the way. Set your marketing priorities and begin gradually.

Keeping these factors in mind, we hope that all you marketers begin using this power of data and marketing analytics so it turns out to be an investment and not an expense.

“The Intrusive Ad is dead, long live the Intriguing Ad!”

Ad Blocking

Playing a Game…. Pause… Ad !
Watching a Video….Pause… Ad !
Reading an Article….Pause… Ad !
Block ! Block ! Block !…In short, We just Hate Ads.

All the favorite activities that a Mobile user wishes to do on his Mobile device are bombarded with ads. The users have now built an immunity system against them – banner blindness, ad-blocking software & the nano second reflex of closing off ad pop-ups. While annoyance is one of the prime factors, the users are equally concerned of privacy as well, since no other device has this degree of an intimate relationship with them.

Realizing this, Apple recently decided to support ad blocking with iOS 9, allowing it’s users to enjoy an ad-free mobile experience while forcing publishers and mobile advertisers to rethink their advertising approach by overcoming these barriers.

Hence, Marketers will now have to think around strategies that make the user engage and interact with the ad rather than just seeing it on his/her device. This is because the focus has now changed, to not just what content or offer the ad contains, but also the context, timing and frequency that needs to be customized to every individual user. If these parameters are not met by Brands, users will continue to block ads now and in the future.

In India too, Mobile users face a challenge because of ad bombarding, leading to slower page load time and high data consumption, hence a recent study also shows that the number of people actively using ad blockers in India too, has increased from 2 million to 4 million in a span of just 3 months. How will Marketers face this challenge?

Brand Marketers now need to understand that besides creating engaging ad copies, shareable content and awesome branding initiatives, they also need to explore ways that will create user generated ads in both online & offline worlds. Understanding the current challenges Brand’s face, VivaConnect has devised a solution for gaining maximum interactions of Brand’s creative campaigns from it’s customers, where we combine the power of online targeting with the strong offline reach to provide an experience the customer enjoys leading to loyalty and retention. VivaConnect makes use of it’s own Voice & Missed call platform to create a customer initiated ad journey with the Brand, thus providing maximum output to the relevant stakeholders – The Customer, The Brand, The Publisher.

With the advent of this new style of advertising in the online space, we can rightly proclaim “the intrusive Ad is dead, long live the intriguing Ad”. To know more about this solution and to create ads that gain maximum impact even in the current advertising scenario, give us a missed call on 0 83 83 83 83 99.

(Author – Mr. Vikram Raichura)