Create your own community, Create your own followers.

Create your own community, Create your own followers
Majority of marketers today, purchase data that’s readily available with different publishers, telecom operators, advertisers and data providers to promote their Brand. The accuracy of the data is left for assumption until the campaign is executed and a set of people that are not even closer to the Brand’s Target Group, respond in confusion, leaving everyone perplexed. The budget spent on carpet bombing also, has a high chance of reaching the wrong audience leading to loss of context, loss of communication and loss of money spent to reach an individual.

As per a recent report by TRAI, the share of Prepaid user base is over 95% in India. This is due to the tight monthly spending budget that most Indians have and a prepaid account makes it possible for them to limit their Mobile spend. Moreover, there is a lot of churn in the ownership of prepaid mobile subscriptions, since in many households the prepaid subscription belongs to one individual but shared by multiple family members. Brand’s most active and untapped market lies in the media dark regions, however, there too, a number that is registered on a 30 year old male, would be used by a 28 year old female.

In such conditions, how can a marketer be sure if the Brand message is reaching the right person and making any impact?

Marketers need to harness the power of customer experience, by giving the power of choice in the hands of the customer to choose what campaign they are interested in, what Brand they want to follow and when they want to be contacted.. That’s where
​Customer ​initiated Brand Solutions are a relief for Brand Marketers.

VivaConnect designs ​and executes such “Customer ​initiated campaigns” that lets marketers reach only those consumers who are really interested in their Brand, no matter whose prepaid subscription or what type of phone they are using currently.

Creating over 1 Billion interactions for Brands with their solutions across industries, VivaConnect has powered LiveTalk for Bharatiya Janata Party, ​Missed call based voting for The Voice India by & TV, Inbound WhatsApp campaigns for multiple FMCG & Entertainment Brands & more across the Mobile horizon.

​So dial a missed call on 0 83 83 83 83 99 ​and take the first step in creating your own active community​.​

The Emergence of ‘No Stack’ Mobile Marketing


What is the difference between Microsoft and Apple?

Microsoft builds pieces of stack — the OS, apps, etc — and relies on multiple partners to build semiconductors, cases, assembly, marketing, retail etc. Apple does everything — they design their own chips, own phone hardware, own OS, own apps, the packaging, the retail experience, everything. One can say that Microsoft is a “No Stack” company, whereas Apple is a “Full Stack” organization. While both the organizations have achieved huge feats of success, this shows that these two methodologies do not oppose each other, but rather it’s the type of business that decides which methodology to adapt.

VivaConnect, a Full Stack organization, enables businesses to run in a No Stack fashion. A new era is emerging where many startups and even well established organizations prefer to go No Stack. This is where VivaConnect plays its role. For instance, if you are a creative marketing organization which has many ideas and clients at hand and wish to run a full fledged mobile marketing campaign, VivaConnect can empower you in the process. It’s almost illogical for such an organization to completely build its own technical stack, when they can utilize ours to manage and execute their campaign.

The recent unbundling of the full stack startup have paved way for many companies to focus on the last mile of value they intend to provide. Such companies can use our services and can concentrate their resources to excel in one domain. We develop and create customized APIs as per the requirement which can easily integrate with your already up and running business software. The services that we provide are protracted into a wide variety of mediums ranging from Voice to SMS. We not only provide the backend to run your mobile marketing campaign but also provide solutions, ideas, and corrective measures to increase the efficiency of the campaign.

The current terminology IoT (Internet of Things) probably understates this potential impact. Brands can make use of our mobile marketing services to create a name or enhance their already established name. VivaConnect avails dashboard, analytics, and cloud infrastructure, all at extreme scale and low cost, that allows the creation of completely new forms of automation which seamlessly gives your No Stack business a look-n-feel of full stack business.

Mobile Marketing: It’s more than what it seems

Mobile Marketing might pop up pictures of intrusive and, sometimes, irritating mobile ads in your mind, but it is just a floor of it and not the entire building. Mobile Marketing is way more than what we commonly perceive it to be.

It’s also about utilizing the huge telecomAgLY25KTLO70y5z_HZ--DsgjBMRbaesuN6iiTdmOtdAu network of around 7 billion subscribers worldwide, out of which around 43% people (3.13 billion) have Internet access. The subscribers further get classified into a feature phone or a smartphone user. According to eMarketer, only 1.91 billion people are smartphone users, which are expected to cross 2 billion by 2016. This shift towards the smartphone industry and increasing penetration of Internet would also enhance the Mobile Ad spend exponentially. According to eMarketer, it would cross the $100 billion mark by 2016.

However, when it comes to India where the majority of population is still carrying a feature phone and the number of mobile Internet users is just over 20% of its total mobile subscribers, it becomes very important to consider the offline vertical of mobile marketing domain.

Offline vertical includes tools like Missed Call, Voice Call, and SMS, which can be used to craft a customized campaign as per the marketing need. It could be a campaign to broadcast Live speech of a political party to garner reach and increase awareness, on a simple phone call, or a campaign utilizing mobile phone as a source of information and engagement, by just giving a Missed Call. You can increase the TRP or user base of your TV Drama show or a Reality show by inculcating audience responses and votes via Missed Call. You can even craft a Voice Call based game on mobile as a promotional activity; a perfect blend of innovation, creativity, and marketing.

Mobile phone has truly redefined the concept of communication. Anything can be communicated or promoted to any person anytime and anywhere even when he is out of the traditional mediums’ reach. The use of offline tools has further extended its utility to the feature phone users or Media Dark Areas, which is a huge market of potential customers. In a nutshell, it won’t be wrong to say that the mobile phone is ‘the medium’ for marketing.

Stats via MarketingLand

Facebook partners with VivaConnect to scale-up its Missed Call Ad Unit business

Facebook had launched a missed call ad unit business specifically for the feature phone-heavy Indian market. To scale-up its reach across mobile devices, Facebook has partnered with VivaConnect.

This Missed Call Advertisement-based initiative is Facebook’s first foray into using primary feature of a mobile phone (i.e a missed call, voice call or SMS service), aimed specifically at helping advertisers reach their consumers in developing markets. India is quickly catching up to the US, Facebook’s biggest market. Last April, Facebook crossed the ‘100 million users’ milestone in India. Around 66% Indians access Facebook on mobile devices of feature phone segment and over 95% of India’s mobile subscriber base has a Prepaid connection.

Moreover, this is a market in which ‘giving someone a missed call’ is common, both in terms of practice and parlance. Overseas, people typically say, ‘I missed your call’; but here, a ‘missed call’ is something one deliberately places. Team Facebook is optimistic that the new Missed Call Ad format will bolster advertising on Facebook, through the mobile device, in India.

Maxine Schlein, Product Marketing Manager, Emerging markets at Facebook, says, “Consumer behavior in high-growth markets is changing very rapidly and we are poised to respond to that as quickly as possible. We see brands delivering useful and entertaining content like sports scores, news, or celebrity messages that people find valuable enough to take the time to listen to and interact with. There is also a good tie-in for direct response advertisers who can use the missed call unit as lead generation, where a person is essentially raising their hand and expressing interest in a good or service.”

Missed Call
Michelin India’s advertisement campaign over Facebook with call to action over Missed Call. An easy connect with brand for users accessing the site over mobile phone.

How it works: In addition to the regular Facebook Ads, the Missed Call Ad Unit has a ‘Missed Call’ button. As users click on ‘Missed Call’ button, they are automatically taken to the dialing screen that features the telephone number. As they initiate the call its automatically disconnected after two rings. In response they promptly receive a call back or an SMS delivering interactive content such as music, cricket scores, celebrity messages or simply a brand message from the advertiser.

In this Ad unit, the easily available user’s ‘social data’ on their respective Facebook pages, will help brands to fine tune the way they target and communicate with people. Moreover, mobile access will allow for effective re-targeting of consumers and personalizing the content.

Vikram Raichura, Managing director, VivaConnect, says, “Facebook has been a hot trend over mobile in India and so have been missed call services. Together, they would be a perfect solution for delivering an enhanced brand experience over mobile. Missed calls offer an instant way to spark conversations.”

VivaConnect connects brands and their consumers through innovative mobile marketing services. The company holds over 30 million interactions in a single day through services of Voice call, Missed Call, SMS, Email and Mobile Apps.

Featured over Afaqs and Media Avataar.

Tracking reach of your advertising campaign? .. Think Mobile!

A full page newspaper advertisement, Centerfold of a magazine, Prime time slot on a Television or a billboard around the city. Your brand must have been there done that to get people’s attention and it might have worked well or may be not so for your brand. For which you obviously shelved out a whooping some of money, attempting to build your brand value and ensuring that sales stay on rise.

Just one question, were you able to track the actual reach? .. Probably not!

Advertising is important indeed for every brand and it allows for a smart placement of your product, Yet how shall you know ..

The actual number of people that your ads have reached?

Who are the ones who really received what you conveyed?

Who reciprocated to your advertisements?

Wondering how? .. Think Mobile now!

How about backing your advertising campaigns with Mobile engagement initiatives to interact with customers.

5-star win
* image used for only representational purpose

 Say you publish an advertisement in a print media, where the copy even carries a missed call number that delivers the caller with additional information of the product. Let’s make it even better, run a contest where the caller is also rewarded with a small gift, say a discount coupon over SMS or an instant mobile talk-time recharge. The number of calls you received are the one’s whom you persuaded successfully with your advertising campaign. After all they took the effort of giving you a missed call.. didn’t they?

Mobile engagement offers:

  • A Traceable reach
  • Builds a rational database of callers for easy future interaction
  • Most importantly, a personal reach

Mobile engagement allows for :

  • Contest & Games
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Polling
  • Sampling
  • Notifications of new products
  • Referral programmes
  • Reward schemes

Mobile engagement happens great over:

  • Voice calls / Toll Free Services
  • Interactive Mobile apps
  • 24×7 missed call services

Simply mix it up with cool ‘n creative campaigns and you’ll have a superb interaction channel.

I’m sure you are already thinking over Mobile engagement, After all engagement over Mobile gives you an actual figure and not just a ball park number!


Brands get higher Missed calls than individuals!

What is a missed call? .. Any call that you failed to answer qualifies as a missed call. Quite simple right.

That might be the universal definition for a missed call but it certainly differs for Indian mobile users. To us a missed call can mean Call me back,  I’ve reached, I’m waiting , A reminder for something and hundred other things. Its our smart way of communicating with friends, family and colleagues.

Now marketers jump to cash on this perfect system.

&pictures made a fantastic use of the opportunity and packed audiences from Mumbai and delhi to board Shahrukh Khan & Deepika Padukone starrer Chennai Express.

&pictures had a successful run packing audiences from Mumbai and Delhi to board Shahrukh Khan & Deepika Padukone starrer Chennai Express. As a promotion strategy audiences were urged to give a missed call on the flashed number to receive a reminder of watching the movie from Shahrukh Khan himself.  This Rohit Shetty directed blockbuster received a massive response for its television premiere with 1,50,000 calls.


Cadbury 5-star’s campaign of Ramesh and Suresh took to new scales with a contest over Missed Call. On purchase of cadbury 5star consumers are asked to give a missed call on 1800 123 0555 , which followed by a call from 5star asking to enter the 10 digit unique code printed on wrapper. The luck one’s are gifted with Digital camera’s, Smart phone’s, Headphone and Trip to Bermuda.


The contest is highly celebrated by brands and its consumers. What an idea sirji!

M-commerce dictates online shopping

For us Indians, festivities and celebrations are always around the corner. We have plenty of reasons all round the year to Shop and Gift.

Taking a note from our shopping spree, online retail marketing websites have been bang on the spot offering myriad of products as clothes, books, electronics, gadgets and furnishings. Now as the trade converges over Mobile,  it’s simply awesome!

Brands and Enterprises who have established presence over mobile have been greatly benefited.

India’s one of the leading online retail website ‘’ conducted a study of m-commerce (mobile based transactions) for noting behavior of online shoppers for a span of 6 months. Here are some great insights from the study …

35-45 million average visits every month.

30% orders are placed over Mobile

10x growth in orders over Mobile

75% mobile transactions involve cash on delivery

80% of traffic over Mobile is Organic (Visitors coming directly to snapdeal and not through mobile ads)

and the most interesting

60% of visitors through the Mobile are new to Snapdeal


Its crispy clear that future of e-commerce would be highly dependent over Mobile