The Emergence of ‘No Stack’ Mobile Marketing


What is the difference between Microsoft and Apple?

Microsoft builds pieces of stack — the OS, apps, etc — and relies on multiple partners to build semiconductors, cases, assembly, marketing, retail etc. Apple does everything — they design their own chips, own phone hardware, own OS, own apps, the packaging, the retail experience, everything. One can say that Microsoft is a “No Stack” company, whereas Apple is a “Full Stack” organization. While both the organizations have achieved huge feats of success, this shows that these two methodologies do not oppose each other, but rather it’s the type of business that decides which methodology to adapt.

VivaConnect, a Full Stack organization, enables businesses to run in a No Stack fashion. A new era is emerging where many startups and even well established organizations prefer to go No Stack. This is where VivaConnect plays its role. For instance, if you are a creative marketing organization which has many ideas and clients at hand and wish to run a full fledged mobile marketing campaign, VivaConnect can empower you in the process. It’s almost illogical for such an organization to completely build its own technical stack, when they can utilize ours to manage and execute their campaign.

The recent unbundling of the full stack startup have paved way for many companies to focus on the last mile of value they intend to provide. Such companies can use our services and can concentrate their resources to excel in one domain. We develop and create customized APIs as per the requirement which can easily integrate with your already up and running business software. The services that we provide are protracted into a wide variety of mediums ranging from Voice to SMS. We not only provide the backend to run your mobile marketing campaign but also provide solutions, ideas, and corrective measures to increase the efficiency of the campaign.

The current terminology IoT (Internet of Things) probably understates this potential impact. Brands can make use of our mobile marketing services to create a name or enhance their already established name. VivaConnect avails dashboard, analytics, and cloud infrastructure, all at extreme scale and low cost, that allows the creation of completely new forms of automation which seamlessly gives your No Stack business a look-n-feel of full stack business.

The Top Mobile industry Innovators at mBillionth Event : Featured in YourStory


The 6th mBillionth Event at India Habitat Centre on 23rd July saw many business tycoons, tech leads, CEOs and eminent players from the Mobile Industry, showcasing their innovative solutions under a single roof.

From nimble startups and NGOs to government agencies and public sector organisations, the event was full of spirit and creativity. Amidst all these innovators, VivaConnect showcased its innovative and effective solutions.

It was inspiring to meet the other innovators from the industry and was equally enlightening to know about their products and the visions involved behind it.


In a nutshell, the event witnessed the creativity of mobile innovators from 8 South Asian countries – from AR apps and alerting services to community centres and citizen engagement platforms. Read more at YourStory.

Mobile Marketing: It’s more than what it seems

Mobile Marketing might pop up pictures of intrusive and, sometimes, irritating mobile ads in your mind, but it is just a floor of it and not the entire building. Mobile Marketing is way more than what we commonly perceive it to be.

It’s also about utilizing the huge telecomAgLY25KTLO70y5z_HZ--DsgjBMRbaesuN6iiTdmOtdAu network of around 7 billion subscribers worldwide, out of which around 43% people (3.13 billion) have Internet access. The subscribers further get classified into a feature phone or a smartphone user. According to eMarketer, only 1.91 billion people are smartphone users, which are expected to cross 2 billion by 2016. This shift towards the smartphone industry and increasing penetration of Internet would also enhance the Mobile Ad spend exponentially. According to eMarketer, it would cross the $100 billion mark by 2016.

However, when it comes to India where the majority of population is still carrying a feature phone and the number of mobile Internet users is just over 20% of its total mobile subscribers, it becomes very important to consider the offline vertical of mobile marketing domain.

Offline vertical includes tools like Missed Call, Voice Call, and SMS, which can be used to craft a customized campaign as per the marketing need. It could be a campaign to broadcast Live speech of a political party to garner reach and increase awareness, on a simple phone call, or a campaign utilizing mobile phone as a source of information and engagement, by just giving a Missed Call. You can increase the TRP or user base of your TV Drama show or a Reality show by inculcating audience responses and votes via Missed Call. You can even craft a Voice Call based game on mobile as a promotional activity; a perfect blend of innovation, creativity, and marketing.

Mobile phone has truly redefined the concept of communication. Anything can be communicated or promoted to any person anytime and anywhere even when he is out of the traditional mediums’ reach. The use of offline tools has further extended its utility to the feature phone users or Media Dark Areas, which is a huge market of potential customers. In a nutshell, it won’t be wrong to say that the mobile phone is ‘the medium’ for marketing.

Stats via MarketingLand

The place to be for Mobile Leaders – Mobile World Congress 2015

Fira Gran Via, in the beautiful street of Barcelona, Spain, is the place to be for the mobile leaders, throughout the world, to gather, collaborate and conduct business. From latest gadgets to mind blowing technological innovations, The GSMA (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association) Mobile World Congress 2015, is the planet’s best venue for mobile industry networking, new business opportunities and deal-making, all under one roof.


Security was the main agenda, with emphasis on the need of security against privacy. “Are you willing to barter your privacy with security?” was the topic of debate.

One of the days belonged entirely to 5G, not just the next mobile network but the next technological platform, which could provide us with the tech-oriented and interconnected lifestyle. Various discussions on how it could give brands a smarter and more contextually relevant opportunity to track the customer journey in real time, were very insightful.

download (1)

The speech from Mark Zuckerberg, about getting social, highlighted the need for connecting with the people first and foremost, and how it has helped small economies thrive. Google, on the other hand, emphasized on the developing innovative solutions and everything they do, in an ecosystem approach. They also confirmed launch of their mobile network platform. This demonstrates the power in the context of connecting and the importance it holds.


Many anticipated phones like Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, HTC One M9, along with wearables, Smart-watches and a few other accessories were launched. Out of all the innovative gadgets, Sony’s Smarteye Glass caught my eye due to its augmented reality apps. It was amazing to check out some of them on display.

In all, it was an awesome experience. I explored all the 8 halls, and the knowledge that I acquired at MWC 2015, confirms my belief that connecting people via Mobile, directly or indirectly, is the future of every industry.

Vikram Raichura, Managing Director, VivaConnect Pvt. Ltd

VivaConnect powers Missed Call Voting for BIG Life Ok NOW Awards – August



VivaConnect has partnered with BIG Life OK Now Awards, to empower Missed call voting  platform for audiences across India. In this august edition of the monthly award ceremony, audiences can vote for their favorite actors, songs, directors and films by giving a missed call on 1800 3000 0927.

The nominations feature Bollywood’s recent releases as Holiday: A soldier is never off duty, Ek Villian, Humshakals, Fugly, & Filmistaan. The competition gets interesting with Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh & Siddharth Malhotra competing for BIG Life OK Now Actor Male, while Sonakshi Sinha, Shraddha Kapoor & Kiara Advani combat for Big Life OK Now Actor Female. The voting lines have opened and are easily accessible over any make of mobile.

The awards will be held on 3rd August, in a star studded evening showcasing some of the biggest celebrities from Bollywood and Television.

Vote for your favorite stars right away, give a Missed call 1800 3000 0927 now!

nominees_male    nominees_female

Mobile Marketing & Social Media – A Seamless Integration

As India gets its newest Prime Minister post the most epic electoral battle, Digital Media was seen on front run throughout the campaigning. Social media has grown exponentially strong over past 2 years. We all have experienced a firsthand dose to its immense power of reach. Over 33 million Indians are on twitter, 62 million Indians access Facebook on their mobile phones and more than 100 million Indians enjoy Internet.

Social media happens on Mobile
65% of time spent on social media happens over mobile for posting photos, using maps, playing games, sharing, blogging, etc. that’s exactly where opportunity lies for businesses to thrive. Needless to say Mobile marketing is the key to unlock this potential reach.

Let’s get one thing clear, Mobile marketing is not about selling your products but it’s about giving an experience. It’s about understanding the psyche of consumers and then engaging them smartly. One of the best experience that it offers is the quickest ‘call to action’. Nobody likes complex things, absolutely not if they are new to your product (Brand). So make it absolutely easier for them to engage with you.

Missed calls to download apps
Let’s say you have a mobile app that needs higher downloads, so why not save users the hassle of searching your app in the app store and instead give out a missed call number to download it. All they need to do is give a missed call to receive a download link via SMS, one tap and Voila!

One click/tap connects a call
When it comes to customer support, nothing beats a voice call experience. So create easy access points over banners & web pages using ‘Click-2-Call’ services. As & whenever one desires for any support or help, they can enter their mobile number at this access point & hit go to receive a phone call in return, thus establishing a connect between consumer & your customer support. Pretty simple ain’t it?

Mobile service are super easy
Mobile marketing services are amazing for registrations, coupons, voting, validation and authentication through ‘Click-2-Missed Call’ services. Integrate it by placing web ads & icons in a way that when accessed from mobile phones it will allow users to trigger a missed call without entering the number manually. Their action can be easily acknowledged over a SMS.

Don’t sell, offer an experience!
Mobile devices have changed the way we consume all sorts of online content and Mobile marketing has a lot in offering to ease the connect between brands and its consumers. It’s inevitable, and as we said earlier it’s not about selling the product but it’s about offering an experience.


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